Amazing Video from top of the Tomohon Babe Palar Stadium (TIFF 2016)
11/08/2016 No Comments Berita Administrator

The series -by- series of activities in Tomohon International Flower Festival ( TIFF ) 2016 was officially rolled out in order to mobilize all potentials and appoint and promote it to the public . Still in the series TIFF 2016 Tomohon Government together with associated elements in society held Exhibition Tourism, Trade , Investment And Floriculture Expo ( TITEX ) held at Stadium Babe Palar ( Ex Stadion Parasamya ) , and officially opened by the Deputy Mayor of Tomohon Syerly Adelyn Sompotan on Tuesday night 9/8/16 . In the glittering lights and flowers combined the beauty of previously unimaginable . Yes , this beauty when viewed from the top of the stadium Babe Palar own .

Here are excerpts from the video on the stadium Babe Palar Tomohon :

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